Incredible Aurora Hunting Tour in Iceland


We are  very excited and enjoy to share with you this incredible aurora tour in Iceland. Aurora was so spectacular and frequent

We travel around Iceland from south to north during two weeks between 18 february 2017 and 01 march 2017.

Ok , let’s go !

After , visit Reykjavik, swimming in the famou blue lagoon . we arrive in small village near Hella, Meiri-tunga. The sky was very cloudy this night and KP of aurora very low, something like lever 2 or lever 3. I waiting outside, ptiently and inally after 1 hour, sky become more clear and i perceive the pale light of a green aurora.

I cry AURORA AURORA to wake up the group and everybody go out with tripod and camera and sitting in the snow taking picture of aurora.


so never give up for hunting aurora and take your chance !

The next day, after visiting Vik, black beach and skogafoss waterfall , we stay near Mount Petursey in south of iceland , a place not far from Vik.  The sky was very clear this evening , we begin to shoot milky way and obtain magnificent picture of our galaxy and andromeda galaxy , i will write a post about this later and near midnight the spectacle begin and during 3 hours this amazing aurora in the sky :


Notice the yellow color and red color of this aurora, which are very rare aurora color in iceland. this color are due to the high altitude of aurora in atmosphere.


On the following panorama , you can notice the presence with aurora of our galaxy, the milky way and the presence of andromeda galaxy too.


Group shot under aurora with joy!!!!





Oli & Joy


Venice – White poles


today i present you a long exposure night photography. She show white poles in the laguna of Venice in Italy.

This day we are really tired after walk and climb upstairs and bridge all the day. But after dinner, OK, courage, we can go, we cannot come here in this magnificent city of venice every day. The night come already and we finally arrive at the dock Fondamente Nuove in the north of Venice, this dock looking forward cemetary san Michele aand island of Murano.

I saw this pole along the dock and decide to shoot them with a long exposure at night. The light of dock allow poles appears white in contrast with the laguna of venice.

Venice landscape photography

Venice white pole long exposure landscape photography - venezia - venise
Venice white pole long exposure landscape photography

10 Tips How To Take Night Blue Hour City Landscape with Red Light Ray – Saint-Germain-des-prés – Paris

Hi today,

i will talk about a blue hour night photo shoot seance in paris by example.

How i can take a blue hour photography with red light ray of cars ?

This photo shoot isn’t chance although i appreciate walking in street follow my inspiration. Why !!
September and october are a good period in Paris for shooting in blue hour and gold hour.
The color of sky in this season are marvellous and color have rich deep tint.

Church of Saint-Germain-Des-Prés , Paris , France , blue hour landscape photography with red light tray, vertical format
Church of Saint-Germain-Des-Prés , Paris , France , blue hour landscape photography with red light tray, vertical format

So for obtain a vivid and dynamic night picture with strong color.
I need :

1) Identify good spot.
2) Calculate blue hour for planning your seance. Blue hour and golden hours are very short period in the day and color of sky changing very very fast.
3) Use a tripod. In this exemple i use a gorilla mini tripod, height about 40 centimeters for have a low angle for shooting ray light of car and superpose with building or church in this example.
4) TIPS : for obtain beautiful ray red light car , use timer 2 second by example

5) Looking for Taxi or bus and press button 2 or 3 seconds before they come in plan of your scene.

6) Use long exposure 3 to 5 seconds by example.

7) Shoot many picture (5 to10).

8) Desaturate yellow color with your treatment image software . This will reinforce red color of light but also the blue color of sky.

9) Reinforce contrast with your treatment image software.

10) Reinforce clarity with your treatment image software.

How can I calculate blue hour ?
I can advice two good websites for you can planning your photo seance :

jekophoto blue hour website calculator

Blue Hour Site calculator


A little bit about history of saint germain des prés in Paris :

abbaye of Saint-Germain-des-Prés is a very old place of paris. The fisrt basilica was build in the 6th century.

After 3 centuries, Viking ruins the abbaye in the 9th century after up the river Seine and reach city of paris.

Many rebuild of church happened between 10th century and 19th century.

You may also like my website : Blue hour Paris night landscape – Saint-germain-des-Prés
wiki saint-germain-des-prés

Histoire de l’abbaye


Photography trip to Etretat – Normandy


This day i invite you in Etretat, one of the famous landscape place in france.
Normandy is a place to go, countryside is very green and lovely, you can also see some place with apple tree orchard. Apple are use for produce famous cidar beverage.

Although this day are cloudy , i went to Etretat, an amazing cliff place along the english channel in Normandy province. This picture was taken in spot ”falaise amont” north-east of the city near the famous church of Etretat ”Chapelle Notre-dame de la Garde”.
This image is an HDR picture combining three long exposure image (between 20 seconds ans 30 seconds). I use a high neutral density filter ND1000 which allow me to choose long exposure time.

I advice you to have a strong and stable tripod, Etretat is really really windy.
Be aware too, this place is very dangerous,
two weeks after i shot this landscape, one young woman photographer die after falling from this cliff !!!

Photography trip to Etretat - Normandy - famous landscape

Falaise amont – Cliff – landscape – Etretat – Normandy – France – cliff with grass in foreground and beautiful blue green sea
HDR from 3 long exposure image using ND1000 filter

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Contemplation, Golden temple, Amritsar, Punjab , India

I took this photo inside the golden temple of Amritsar, a sikh man meditate and looking in the direction of the temple ,an amazing place to go, air was also full of sikh music and religious fervor.

Man meditate in golden temple of amritsar

Golden temple
Sikh man sit and meditate , looking at Golden Temple in Amritsar , Punjab , India

Rice terrace – Bali

Mountain region of Bali have many rice terrace. Jatiluwih and pura besakih are very beautiful place.  I can only advice you to travel in this wonderful island and discover this amazing landscapes. You will plunge in a green, colorful  paradise. You will also discover farmer working in the rice field. See some exemple here :

Terrace – Jatiluwih – Bali

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Terrace – Jatiluwih – Bali

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